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Ukulele wall hanger. We sell ukulele wall hangers made from 550 paracord in a variety of fun colours. Our paracord ukulele hangers are a great way of displaying your ukulele on a wall. Paracord ukulele hangers are cheaper than other ukulele wall hangers and paracord offers a fresh and funky way of displaying them. We ship our ukulele wall hangers worldwide and you may have seen our paracord ukulele wall hangers on our bay and easy sites. We have now taken the leap and built our own website so that we can sell our wall hangers for ukulele made from 550 paracord worldwide

Welcome to our website. We've come up with a great, cheap method of displaying your ukulele for the world to see!

Our paracord ukulele hangers slip over the top two machine heads of the ukulele and tighten with two fisherman knots. Each hanger features an alpine butterfly loop at the top for hanging and two fisherman knots at the ends to allow easy tightening when placed over the machine heads.

Check out our video below...

550 Paracord Ukulele Hangers

All our paracord ukulele hangers are made from genuine 550 paracord with 7 inner strands. Very strong and durable.
Ukulele Hanger Paracord Rainbow Ukulele Hanger Paracord Fireball Ukulele Hanger Paracord Desert Camo
Rainbow - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger rainbow paracord
Fireball - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger fireball paracord
Desert Camo - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger yellow paracord
Ukulele Hanger Paracord Black Ukulele Hanger Paracord Black and Yellow Ukulele Hanger Paracord Blue
Black - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger black paracord
Black & Yellow - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger black and yellow paracord
Blue - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger blue paracord
Ukulele Hanger Paracord Disco Ukulele Hanger Paracord Neon Green Ukulele Hanger Paracord Neon Pink
Disco - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger disco paracord
Neon Green - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger neon green paracord
Neon Pink - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger neon pink paracord
Ukulele Hanger Paracord Olive Ukulele Hanger Paracord Orange Ukulele Hanger Paracord Pink and Blue
Olive - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger olive paracord
Orange - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger orange paracord
Pink & Blue - £1.49
Ukulele Hanger pink and blue paracord
Ukulele Hanger Paracord Red Ukulele Hanger Paracord Yellow Ukulele Hanger Paracord White
Red - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger red paracord
Yellow - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger yellow paracord
White - £1.49
Quantity :
Ukulele Hanger white paracord


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